February 7, 2016

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We are a national professional association for Psychiatrists and professionals interested in furthering the study and dissemination of information concerning the neurobiology of wellness. This is done through particular focus on building our understanding of the interplay between the mind and body and identification of protective factors and how to bolster them. We seek to be a repository for such information and promote their clinical application through a resilience and wellness-based approach to mental health.

Our approach is focused on knowledge translation in order to facilitate capacity building in front line workers who are the first point of contact for individuals struggling with their mental health, promoting a decentralized approach to care. We also support the exploration of the use of technology to increase access to evidence-based psychosocial and behavioral interventions aimed at promoting wellness and mental health.

Members are invited to suggest resources such as relevant books, papers and digital resources, to aggregate and make available for others, making the research that has already been done more accessible. Members are also invited to collaborate in the creation of new materials or research. Finally, the association’s aim is also to educate in order to build capacity through workshops, conferences and online materials.

In short, the association wishes to bring greater awareness to the research of

psychosocial interventions that promote wellness and sharing that knowledge.

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In keeping with our desire to make information accessible to all when you join up you get unlimited access to all content on the website and will automatically be registered to receive updates when new content becomes available (though this is optional).


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