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It takes a community to make meaningful change, so we want YOUR help.

  • If you have a skill set or ideas you think would be helpful, we want to hear from you! Let’s work together to make the best use of your skills. Send us an email telling us how you think you can / want to help and we will do our best to find the best fit for you.
  • If you just believe in our mission and vision and want to be a part of moving forward, see below for possible volunteer contribution ideas.
    • We understand that people are busy, so we are open to variable time commitments for volunteering, however we prefer 3 mo. commitments when possible.

All regular volunteers are encouraged to list their time on their cv and we are happy

to provide them with a letter of reference as desired 


  • Someone to do a monthly proof of the website
    • We are the new kid on the block, so we want to make a good impression. We also want to make sure that the information we are providing is current in order to meet our mission and vision.
    • This position entails going through all the links to ensure they work and reviewing the content for grammatical errors and sending us a quick email letting us know of any issues on a monthly basis.
  • Growing our partnerships
    • There are many wonderful organizations that are well-aligned with our vision and mission. If we reach out to see how we can help each other, we can grow even stronger and build on each other’s strengths, raising each other up through organizational partnerships.
    • This position involves looking for potential aligned organizations who our Public Relations committee can reach out to, and sending us an email about who they are.
    • For keen volunteers, you may wish to join our Public Relations committee and provide monthly support by agreeing to look for and reach out to 5 organizations/ month for a 3 mo. time commitment  through the use of tailored email inviting them to partner.
  • Growing our resources 
    • We are a new organization and we are wanting to grow our resources as one of our priorities in order to connect people to valuable information as soon as possible
    • We are looking for people to contribute to growing our resource sections in all areas (Books, Peer Reviewed, Popular Media and Videos) by recommending references to be added to any or all of those sections.
  • Joining our Committees (specific time commitments to be discussed with interested individuals)
    • Fundraising – to assist with identifying and applying for pockets of funding to support our cause, these may be from corporate entities or academic grants
    • Conference and Education – to assist with issues around creating resources such as webinars, videos, newsletters, and modules for distribution and free access, as well as planning and organizing our first annual conference and all the various parts this would entail
    • Public Relations & Marketing – we are a new area, so this is an especially important part of our role right now. We want to grow awareness and grow our supporters and our membership so we can effect large scale and meaningful change, locally, nationally, and internationally.
    • Social Media Group – If you are a big social media person, we want your expertise and help! This can range from suggesting LinkedIn groups to join, guest bloggers or just posting our newsletters and events to your own social media groups. Keen volunteers may also play a crucial role in guiding us to grow our access to people through this medium, as using technology to increase access is part of our goal!
    • Newsletter/ Blog group – If you would like to be a guest writer on our site or assist in creating newslettters, please contact us. We have a template we will be using for consistency, content must be evidence-based with references, no more than 1.5 pages long, and summarizing practical ways readers can use the information with additional suggested resources. This is in keeping with the knowledge translation part of our mandate.


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